Woodington Award For Professionalism in Metrology

The Woodington Award is intended to honor those individuals who personify the highest level of professionalism and Dedication to the Measurement community. Do you know such an individual? Someone whom consistently demonstrates dedication, unquestioned competence and commitment? Has this individual demonstrated noteworthy professional achievements that have warranted national and or international recognition?

The Woodington Award since its 1978 inception has been an annual award under the aegis of the Measurement Science Conference. Awarded by the Conference, we welcome you to submit any candidates for consideration to the Measurement Science Conference organizing committee. Please forward your recommendation for the 2023 MSC Woodington Award to  Chuck Ellis email should be ellis@proficiency.org.


This award, sponsored as a memorial to the late Andrew J. Woodington, is the measurement community’s recognition of an individual who represents the highest level of professionalism, and dedication to the Metrology profession.


“Andy” Woondington’s presence as a Metrology Professional impacted all of us. He served as Chairman of the National Conference of Standards Laboratories (NCSL) before the office was changed to President. He was Director of the Metrology Division (METROD) of the Instrument Society of America. Andy co-chaired the 1972 Joint Measurement Conference at Boulder, Colorado. He participated in many other Metrology activities in addition to his work with General Dynamics, San Diego, and the Navy Metrology Engineering Center, Pomona. Andy was a person who clearly personified the expression “Metrology Professional.” The Woodington Award was conceived following Andy’s untimely death just days before the 1978 Measurement Science Conference.


Nominees for the Woodington Award are to have exhibited noteworthy professional achievement in the Metrology field. Nominees are to have warranted national or international recognition and acceptance as Metrology professionals who consistently perform and conduct themselves with dedication, competence, and commitment, and also inspire and enhance the professional status of others working in Metrology. The areas of achievement and expertise to be demonstrated by the nominees need not be restricted to technical, as managerial and administrative contributions are equally important. All in all, the winner of the Woodington Award must represent the highest level of professionalism and dedication to the Metrology community.

Award and Presentation

A honorarium, a certificate, and an engraved plaque will be presented during a general sessions of the Measurement Science Conference.