Today’s Measurement Science Conference was conceptually started in the 1970’s as the “Cal Poly Measurement Science Conference” as an advisory committee to provide technical guidance to the California State Legislature concerning measuring devices and Metrology. Phil Painchaud was part of the original group. The conference was sponsored by the University as directed by the legislature.

Past Conferences

    The first five conferences were held at the Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo Campus with the school personnel providing the support activities for the Industry Technical Members.

    The first “real” MSC was the seventh one, and was held at the Cal State Long Beach in December of 1977. This MSC started the conversion from College support to the present volunteer, Industry Support. Phil Painchaud was instrumental in making this conversion a successful one.

    Although, the next two MSC’s were held on college campuses (1978 at Cal Poly, Pomona and 1979 at Cal Poly SLO) it was evident that the colleges were not able to accommodate the ever increasing attendance and sophistication of the conference.

    The MSC committee voted to have the tenth MSC at a public hotel in Anaheim, CA that could provide the facilities for a much larger group of speakers, exhibitors, food services and living quarters for the attendees. The Inn at the Park in Anaheim was the first hotel to host a MSC entirely organized by the volunteers from the industry.

    In 1981 the Measurement Science Conference became a Non-Profit Corporation in the state of California.  And that- was the start of the MSC that we have today.

    We honor Phil Painchaud for his early vision and consistent support of the MSC through all if its years, making it what it is today!