2024 MSC Training Symposium

Anaheim, California  |  March 25 – 28

Welcome to the 2024 MSC Training Symposium.  The conference has promoted education and professionalism in the measurement sciences for over a half of a century.   The 2024 MSC theme is: Quantum Revolution.  Come explore Quantum Metrology, Quantum Engineering, and Quantum SI!  The conference will offer many exceptional measurement related courses and technical sessions which will be instructed by NIST and industry experts.  The NIST Seminars, ASQ Training, Tutorial Workshops and Technical Sessions will broaden one’s knowledge in a wide range of disciplines including Quantum Metrology.  Our dynamic Keynote speakers will inform us of the latest industry trends of the new Quantum SI.  This year the MSC will feature a special Panel Session titled “NIST on a CHIP”.  This panel will discuss the innovations and future of Quantum Metrology.

The 2024 conference technical program will feature advanced courses for those seasoned measurement industry professionals seeking to enhance their abilities.  Additionally, we will offer basic to intermediate courses that will provide foundational and substantive measurement training in a variety of disciplines.  As always, there will be discussions on advances and changes occurring in the measurement industry as well as the opportunity to collaborate and expand one’s professional network.

The MSC Scholarship and Technical Academy programs reach out to prospective students to consider careers in the measurement community both commercially and in the government.  We welcome and invite our participants and manufacturers to consider supporting these phenomenal student programs which represent our future.

Our Exhibit Hall will feature the latest innovative measurement equipment and services.  We invite you to visit the MSC Exhibit Hall during the scheduled viewing times to engage in the latest advanced products and services from innovative companies serving the measurement community. The exhibit hall will be open to all measurement personnel.

The conference venue is the world-renowned Disneyland® Conference Center in Anaheim, California.

I look forward to meeting you at the Disneyland® Conference Center and Hotel in Anaheim, California March 25-28, 2024.

Dawn Cross

2024 Symposium President.

For more information on the 2024 MSC Training Symposium, click here.