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The Measurement Science Conference (MSC) is a 501(c)3, non-profit professional organization. As an important part of its educational mission, the MSC offers scholarships to 3rd year and above students in engineering and science technical disciplines to encourage and support studies and careers in the measurement sciences. Measurement Science is a small, but important technical profession that forms the foundations of all the measurement capabilities that support all industrial endeavors. Commerce also relies heavily on accurate measurement disciplines developed and maintained by measurement scientists. A steady stream of new engineers and scientists into this little known, but important discipline is required to maintain and advance our measurement systems and their capabilities. Scholarships support this need.

What Scholarships Do We Provide?

The Measurement Science Conference typically provides 5 or 6 scholarships at the $2,000 or $1,000 levels to deserving college and university students pursuing degrees in engineering and related technical fields to assist them in attaining their degree goals and inspire them to look at the measurement science discipline as a potential career.

MSC has historically been well supported in our scholarship efforts, but recently MSC has had several key sponsors reduce their financial support during this difficult business environment. MSC annually obtains numerous scholarship applications from many high performing students who could use a helping hand financially. MSC has only sufficient funds for 1 or 2 scholarships this year and is looking for companies, individuals and organizations willing to fund a scholarship to be presented in the donor’s name at the next MSC conference.

The Measurement Science Conference has an established fund to award scholarships to students in an Engineering, Science, or Quality Assurance degree program. MSC has an existing scholarship application process that produces many extremely deserving scholarship applicants annually. The scholarship program places emphasis on papers or projects that discuss the advancement of measurement science technology.

Students from participating schools must submit complete scholarship applications and transcripts by our deadline to be eligible. An MSC sub-committee evaluates all applications and provides a list of finalists to the MSC Board who approves the scholarship recipients. MSC scholarship recipients typically have 3.5 or better GPA’s in an engineering or related technical field of study, have a need or situation where the scholarship will aid them in the continuation of their studies, and have some interest or developed some familiarity with the measurement sciences. The MSC Scholarship Award recipients are from a wide-range of schools. Over 30 schools participated in last year’s Measurement Science Scholarship Awards.  We received excellent candidates from these colleges.  Because of the number of highly qualified candidates, it is always a very competitive process.

MSC is looking to obtain donations from 3 or 4 companies willing to provide $1,000 each to fund some additional scholarships that would be issued in the donating company or foundations name. These scholarships would be presented at the Friday luncheon in front of all the attendees. Recognition of each company/foundation will be announced (including a short summary of the company and its business lines) for each scholarship recipient as they are brought up on stage. In addition, donor recognition in the Plenary Session presentation, Luncheon presentations, conference materials, and on the MSC website comes with each scholarship donation. Of course, MSC will obtain prior company approval of anything publicly presented in connection with each sponsored scholarship presented. MSC Conference attendees include a broad base of companies and government activities involved in metrology and calibration. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, all donations to the MSC Scholarship Fund are tax deductible.

Additional information can be obtained by contacting the MSC Scholarship Chairman, Mark Lindsey, at