Measurement Science Conference

What is MSC?

The Measurement Science Conference was founded in 1970 to promote education and professionalism in Measurement Science related disciplines.

The conference has grown and matured to meet the needs of dynamic measurement technologies as well as to address pertinent National and Global Measurement issues. Based in California, the MSC has attracted experts from around the world as speakers, exhibitors and attendees.

The Measurement Conference was started as a method to draw attention and students to Measurements Programs. The Measurement Science Conference is an annual two-day conference established to promote professionalism within the Metrology Community. It provides an open forum for the exchange of ideas, techniques, and innovative thinking to those involved with measurements.

There were several factors that contributed to the start of what is now recognized as the Measurement Science Conference, one of the best conferences of this kind held each year in the United States.

  • There was a proven need for precise measurements
  • The first man had just stepped on the moon
  • The amount of precision measurements required to accomplish this feat defies description.
  • The Vietnam war was heating up
  • The cold war was still very real and the United States was involved in the arms race.
  • Government contracts were invoking MIL-C and MIL-Q documents.
  • Defense contractors were starting or expanding their measurement laboratories.
  • There was a need to improve the knowledge of those engaged in making measurements
  • There were more job opportunities for trained measurements personnel than could be recruited

Two recent measurements oriented conferences represented in Southern California by the Precision Measurements Associates had been well received.

Today’s Measurement Science conference was originally called the CAL-POLY MEASUREMENT SCIENCE CONFERENCE and was held on the San Luis Obispo University Campus. The conference was sponsored by the University with their staff having responsibility for much of the work required.

The University was involved because of the Legislative Advisory Committee formed to provide information effecting proposed legislature on measuring devices and users of these devices. This committee called “The California Professional Metrology Committee” was composed of people in the Industry and Government.

In order to establish state controls over the Measuring devices it was necessary or at least desirable to establish a Degree Program in Metrology. Dr. Wilson, being with the University System and a Key Player on the Committee, was in a position to provide the knowledge and resources needed for such a program. He was, through his position, also instrumental in getting the Program located on the San Luis Obispo Campus.

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