What is an MSC Supporting Organization?

 An MSC Supporting Organization is a nonprofit, government or educational organization that is involved with or interested in metrology and related disciplines.

What is the financial commitment expected of an MSC Supporting Organization?

Unlike most Sponsor relationships, no financial commitment is expected from any MSC Supporting Organization.  This relationship is one of mutual recognition and promotion.  It is not a fundraising activity for MSC or does imply an endorsement of any Support Organization.

What is expected of an MSC Supporting Organization?

It is expected that both the Organization and MSC will benefit from the relationship and that there will be an exchange of information related to the mutual interests of the Supporting Organization and MSC.

Professional Organizations as Supporting Organization:

 Information exchange would include a listing of MSC membership information in exchange for membership information in the other professional organization.  MSC does not sell mailing lists; however since both MSC and the Supporting Organization are typically concerned with reaching a broader audience, an exchange of mailing lists seems reasonable, as long as confidentiality of either organization is not compromised.  It is also expected that there will be a free exchange and distribution of information related to organization events – meetings, workshops, symposia, tutorials, etc.  This could occur through the mutual distribution of brochures and announcements.  The exchange would also include adding a link on the Supporting Organization website to the website of MSC and vice-versa.

 Government Agency as a MSC Supporting Organization:

 The intent of a relationship between MSC and a government agency is to provide mutual support and cooperation in order to advance the science of measurement and expand the knowledge base of the measurement community.  The agency may be asked to promote MSC through circulation of conference fliers and related materials.

Educational Concerns:

 Any non-profit educational organization may be included.  Once again, mutual benefit is expected.  Each year, for example, MSC awards scholarships to individuals who meet certain criteria set forth by the Scholarship Committee.  Colleges or universities that offer courses in the measurement science fields are especially encouraged to participate in MSC activities.  As with professional organizations, it is beneficial to have as many resources available to promote activities as possible.

What is expected of MSC?

The MSC Conference Committee offers a table, at no cost to the Supporting Organization, at the annual Measurement Science Conference for use by the organization.  At the discretion of MSC committee a table will be located in an area of the conference where Supporting Organization may display organizational information and distribute literature about the organization. The organization will be responsible for set-up and takedown of the table display.  It is expected that the table will be staffed with at least one person during the conference to answer questions and maintain the appearance of the display.  Materials that are advertisements for products for sale are not permitted at these tables. All organizations that have secured display booths in the exhibit hall will not be assigned a table.  The table and its contents are subject to MSC inspection and approval before, start of, and during the conference.

MSC will add a link to its website for quick access to the Supporting Organization’s website.  These organizations are listed as part of MSC advertising.  MSC will distribute Supporting Organization’s literature to MSC members in accordance with the MSC Planning Committee itinerary.