Woodington Awards

The Woodington Award for Professionalism in Metrology



The Woodington Award, since its inception in 1978, has been an annual award under the aegis of the Measurement Science Conference. It is awarded by the Conference to recognize a member of the Measurement Community who represents the highest level of professionalism and dedication to the Metrology Profession. Candidates for the Woodington Award shall have exhibited noteworthy noteworthy Professional achievement in the Metrology Professional.

The Woodington is an annual award, sponsored as a memorial to the late Andrew J. Woodington. The Measurement Science Conference awards the Woodington to recognize a member of the measurement community who represents the highest level of professionalism and dedication to the metrology profession. Nominees for the Woodington Award have exhibited noteworthy professional achievement in the metrology field. Nominees have warranted national or international recognition and acceptance as metrology professionals who consistently perform and conduct themselves with dedication, competence, and commitment, and who also inspire and enhance the professional status of others working in metrology. The areas of achievement and expertise demonstrated by the nominee are not restricted to technical, as managerial and administrative contributions are equally important.

Do you know such an individual? Someone who consistently demonstrates dedication, unquestioned competence, and commitment? Has this individual demonstrated noteworthy Professional achievements that have warranted national and/or international recognition?

If you know someone with these qualifications, please take a moment to nominate this person for the Woodington Award.

Nominations can be made by e-mail at woodington@msc-conf.com or by mail to Woodington Nomination, c/o the MSC address above.