NIST Seminar – N03 (Monday 3/10 – Tuesday 3/11 8:00AM – 5:00PM) REGISTER NOW
N03:  Flow Measurement and Uncertainties – 2 days

Presenters: Aaron Johnson, John Wright

Fluid Metrology Group, NIST, Gaithersburg, MD 20899


We will cover background metrology and fluid mechanics subjects that are important for flow measurement including:

  • the transition from laminar to turbulent flow
  • pipe flow profiles and boundary layer concepts
  • the continuity equation and conservation of mass
  • fluid and gas properties and their calculation
  • Pressure and temperature measurement

The operating principles and equation of flow for the commonly used flow measurement techniques will be derived and explained including:

  • Differential pressure devices (laminar flow meters, orifice plates, venturi tubes)
  • Critical flow venturis and nozzles
  • Ultrasonic flow meters
  • Turbine and positive displacement meters
  • Electromagnetic flow meters
  • Coriolis flow meters
  • Thermal meters
  • Rotameters

Methods of flow meter calibration used in laboratory, including NIST standards will be covered. Field conditions will be discussed as well as installation effects and how distorted velocity profiles affect flowmeter accuracy.

Flow calculations and uncertainty analyses for certain flow meter types will be taught.

Our goal is cover topics with a range of physics and mathematical difficulty so that the course will be of interest to students with a wide range of mathematical backgrounds and flowmeter experience. Distributed throughout the course, there will be optional, advanced sections of interest to only extreme flow geeks.


For further information, contact:

Aaron Johnson,, 301-975-5954
John Wright,, 301-975-5937