MARCH 10-14, 2014



2014 Conference President's Message

Message from MSC 2014 President

Our promise at Measurement Science Conference (MSC) is to teach and inspire leaders to transcend the ordinary, perform better, and contribute greater value to their teams, their organizations and their communities.  The 2014 technical program has been designed to deliver on that promise with its collaborative format, engagement of upper echelon speakers, leveraging of social media business tools and focus on emerging trends and technologies.   This approach has been strategically targeted because seldom has the need to advance education and professionalism in measurement science been greater. MSC 2014 has been engineered to reverse the stifling effects that the recent past’s austerity and sequestration measures have had on innovation and competitiveness. It seeks to remediate the damage caused by years of decline in government and private sector educational investment by recognizing that now is the time for re-engagement, for rebuilding professional networks, for rediscovering the advantages that new test equipment and measurement techniques provide, and for harnessing the capacity to convert challenges into opportunities to thrive!

For over 40 years, MSC has provided thousands of Engineers, Managers and Technicians with an unparalleled immersion based learning experience which equips, enables and empowers them to achieve true competitive advantage and to propel their organizations in transformational ways.  And, because of this, MSC is recognized as the premier provider of education and training to professionals in the testing, calibration and precision measurement science fields.

What qualifies MSC for such praise?  The magic of MSC is that it, like innovation itself, is both science and art.  We bring to bear decades of time-tested experience and combine it with the latest, freshest thinking from a dedicated team of world renowned presenters and speakers.  These subject matter experts volunteer their time and their efforts in assembling a comprehensive, week long, program that is designed to provide attendees with new insights that translate into value added change.  At our Long Beach Convention Center venue, we will, once again, construct an environment that is dedicated to learning and growth amidst a vibrant set of peers from across the globe.

MSC 2014 will inspire you and your team to see broader, innovate more and perform better.  We invite you to learn and energize with us this coming March, and we promise you an educational experience unlike any other.

Miguel Cerezo

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