MSC will be celebrating its 45th anniversary this March


President’s Message

For 44 years, MSC has provided thousands of engineers, managers and technicians with an unparalleled immersion-based learning experience which equips, enables, and empowers them to achieve true competitive advantage and to propel their organizations in transformational ways. For this reason, MSC is recognized as the premier provider of education and training to professionals in the testing, calibration, and precision measurement science fields.

MSC understands that the foundation of measurement, like innovation itself, is both science and art. We bring decades of time-tested experience and combine it with the latest, freshest thinking from a dedicated team of world renowned presenters and speakers. In 2015, MSC will continue this commitment in the form of an intense three day summit, which will include a several types of intensive and interactive learning opportunities for entry level and experienced professionals alike.

There will be tutorials provided by NIST representatives and recognized industry professionals. We will also offer hands on product demonstrations from the leading providers of measuring devices. Attendees will be able to receive immediate training by factory representatives and leave the summit prepared with practical skills that can be applied immediately upon returning to their workplace. These subject matter experts volunteer their time and effort assembling a comprehensive and intensive three day program that is designed to provide attendees with new insights that translate into value added change. At our Disneyland Hotel venue, we will, once again, construct an environment that is dedicated to learning and growth amidst a vibrant set of peers from across the globe.

The measurement science community is in a period of transition. We are being confronted with the massive impending retirements of experienced technicians, along with the increased recognition of measurement science as an integral part of the systems are processes that impact overall organizational performance. This transition requires the transfer of both the technical skills and the tacit knowledge acquired through general workplace experience. The 2015 MSC summit will address these issues.

The MSC 2015 summit will inspire you and your team to see matters more broadly, innovate more effectively, perform more efficiently, and contribute more skillfully in establishing an internal environment of organizational excellence. We invite you to learn and energize with us this coming March 18th, 19th, and 20th. We promise you an educational experience unlike any other.


Milton Krivokuca DBA